JULY 25-28, 2024
VENUE: Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel
This IS NOT about being a "Professional Speaker"....
unless you want it to be.
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 Do you already know that your path is to grow your business via public speaking? 
This retreat is definitely for you! 
 Are you looking to learn how to articulate what really sets you and your business apart so that you can Master Your Messaging and magnetically draw your target clients to you?
This retreat is definitely for you as well! 

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Jen Loving has developed the Speaking From Within program based on her unique way of drawing out your true "core genius", that thing that makes you special, your most special gift or talent and helps you develop your messaging around that core genius, so that whether you are looking to Master the Stage with your Signature Talk or simply want to Master Your Messaging to draw "your people" to you effortlessly...the weekend that Jen has strategically designed for you is going to enable you to achieve your individual goals.
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A Weekend Designed For YOUR Success

...Masterclass style, expertly delivered.

  • Identify the Problem YOU Solve. Craft YOUR Stories that Sell. Marry your branding messaging with your Core Genius.
  • Determine YOUR Three Powerful Principles.

  • Regardless whether you are here to speak on stage or master your marketing moments, this message will enable entrepreneurs to have a tool in your business to experience days where you can literally earn thousands in 60 min or less

  • Learn how to effectively tell a story… a story is NOT a series of events

  • Develop a 30-60 second introduction you and your business that makes your ideal clients say WOW I want to talk to you more!

  • Powerful TITLES are created for your signature talk or marketing messages, your talking points, lead magnet and your offer. There is great power in great titles!

  • Learn Lead Magnets that Convert. Create A Compelling Offer wrapped around your Core Genius.
    Utilize Techniques that Close the Room.

    A compelling lead magnet will fill your database for future sales. 

    Profit board system for setting a revenue goal and feeling in control in your business to reach that goal.

    Ultimate consultation training so you get a YES on your sales calls/consults.

    Life long relationships are developed at retreat that actually help monetize your business...we build community among our peers, support each other and really form a tight group. 

    Private 1:1 coaching session with Jen before and after retreat…before retreat, this is where we start to get into your Core Genius and to create an outline for your talk/brand messaging so you can brainstorm before arriving and feel more prepared (I give a recorded guided meditation to you that you can do before arriving that helps you go within and develop the content from a heart place and not just a head place) and the private session after the retreat is for feedback and perfecting on the delivery of your message.

  • Learn To Implement an incredible,  never-ending Social media content strategy that lets your Core Genius shine through.

  • Social media swipe copy to reach out to potential meeting planners and top podcast hosts, this is a great way to showcase your brand messaging

  • 10 day specific plan of action to get booked to speak, if interested

  • Structure of an effective proposal letter with examples

  • Structure of an effective speaker one sheet with examples or brand onesheet to effectively tell people what you do.

  • Resources to get booked from Jen’s rolodex …for speaking lists, virtual booking assistants and powerpoint creation support

  • Jen’s rolodex of over 1200 places to reach out to speak with reach out scripts

  • A minimum of 10 written testimonials will be created from the weekend through the other attendees that you can use on your socials and website. Many entrepreneurs take 5-10 years to get 10 written testimonials and this is done in one weekend

  • Marketing video of you sharing your WHY, highlighting your ability to speak as well as your Core Genius.


"Just wow… Jen is absolutely brilliant and her mind and thought process is genius. I personally had a transformative experience in developing my core genius which shaped my talk in a way I never dreamed possible. "

Colin House

"Jen, as a speaker, she speaks from her heart, and she’ll teach you just that. As an entrepreneur, she operates a valuable and memorable retreat/mastermind experience that guarantees your successful, speaking experiences."

Moza Bella

"You will learn how to become a better speaker, how to develop a signature talk that you can apply any subject to, and monetize, and get clients to expand your biz."

Anna Chargin
"Deep and profound insights into becoming a professional speaker, and drawing from deep inside to understand and communicate the core value proposition of what we saw for our clients. Incredibly valuable rockstar level speaker, methodology hundred percent five star recommendation..."

Jody Jankovsky

"I would absolutely recommend the Speaking from Within Spa Retreat for anyone who owns a business...

It was totally worth the money. Jen treats your success as her success, and she is totally invested in you. I loved the team work and I was completely inspired by the experience."

-- Maria Marzano

Increased Close Rate by 30%

"As my coach, she brought structure and focus to my business, while managing limiting beliefs. My results to date from working with her include doubling my fees with confidence, more efficient discovery calls increasing my close rate by 30%, opening the door for me for speaking opportunities which enabled me to increase my monthly sales goals for next year’s planning. I can’t imagine getting to this point in my business (and life) without Jen’s assistance and I highly recommend her."

-- Susan Gold

"When I was ready to scale my coaching practice after having my 3rd child, I was overwhelmed with how to tell my story efficiently and share my truth in a way that would connect with the women I'm here to help.

After hiring Jen as my speaking coach in mid-2021, I now have the clarity and confidence to share my journey that empowers the listener. Thank you Jen, for bringing light to my core genius and for always giving me the support I need to step forward in manifesting my wildest dreams!"

-- Liz Zeager

875% Increase In Monthly Revenue
"Jen's ability to ask me introspective questions, and her nuanced approach of getting me to engage with my own material, along with her keen insight into how to craft the perfect offer, led me to sign five new executive clients - increasing my revenue in one month from $2000 to $9500.

I now confidently approach businesses and organizations to hire me to present and train at their events. I cannot express my appreciation enough."
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Jesse Mogie

As One of Our Exclusive Retreat Attendees You'll Receive:
  • Success GUARANTEE. 100% Success Guaranteed or Your Money Back! 

  • The Pathway to Very Profitable Days

  • A Pre-Retreat Private Core Genius Coaching Session

  • A Welcome Reception Thursday Evening @ 7 PM

  • 3 Powerful Days of Intensive Training 

  • Two Collaborative Work Sessions to Tweak Your Signature Talk

  • Saturday Night Dinner - Deepen your connection with the other motivated, like-minded attendees

  • MARKETING ASSETS:  Quality Action Photos of YOU Speaking & Headshots To Generate Leads, Multiple Peer Testimonials of Your Speaking Skills for your Websites & Social Media Marketing 

  • Luxury spa on premises to enjoy on your own during down time

  • Access to the Ultimate Consultation Course (High conversion conversations that feel great) 

  • Reach-out Scripts (Email & Social Media scripts to get YOU booked to speak)

  • Speaker Rolodex (Leading Voice Rolodex with 1200+ decision-makers to book events)

  • Post-Retreat Complimentary Coaching Session (Receive additional feedback on your completed talk & delivery skills)

  • All meals are included.(except Friday evening which we leave you free to explore the city) are included.

  • Luxury accommodations to indulge you.


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Take a Deep Dive With Jen & Discover Your Core Genius and create an outline for your message so you brainstorm even before you arrive for the retreat

Review Preparations For A Successful Weekend.

Welcome Reception Thursday Evening

(Day 1)

(Day 2)

(Day 3)


Execute Your Message. Record Your Creation.

Receive Speaker Coach Feedback On Your Delivery.

"A amazing weekend filled with outstanding information. Would be worth doing it again."

-- Laura Bayne

"I just can't believe all the hard tangible take aways!  Everyday was like Christmas! "

-- Eva White

Working with Jen Loving as a private client and receiving these deliverables is valued at more than $29,997.  

This special package is only priced at $12,000 for this luxurious weekend filled with results - that's a 60% discount! (for the 2-payment plan)


(3rd party financing is available for those who qualify here.)
Jen Loving is CEO of Engaging Speakers, a successful business coach, a best-selling author with 7 books. She has generated over $25 million in sales and has raised over $1 million in donations for non-profits.

She has been featured on Inc.com, ABC News, and the Chicago Tribune. Jen has been mentored by speaking icons like Jack Canfield, Nick Vujicic, and Sandra Yancey, and has spoken on stage to over 10,000 people.

With two decades of business experience, Jen built her first 5 businesses to 6 figures each, all in under a year and all in different industries. She has now helped over a thousand entrepreneurs build their businesses with many reaching 6-figure and 7-figure revenue.

But she is most proud of founding her own international non-profit “Handing Hope” which brings comfort and smiles to children battling cancer in 12 states and 3 countries around the world.

Jen resides outside of Chicago with her 4 incredible kids: Madison (21), Luke and Lindsey (20 year-old twins!), Abigail (18), and of course the family dog “Raider.” She stays active between speaking engagements, spending time in nature with her family, reading every book she can get her hands-on and visiting the best rated spas in the world.
Listen to what a few of our previous retreat guests had to say...

Everyone of our retreat guests gave us the highest ranking on our feeback forms possible!  
Katie Janecko
"I experienced a full transformation in my confidence and belief system. I was really struggling with my business prior to coming. I knew I would be a good speaker but getting my thoughts organized in a way to make sense was not easy for me. Being partnered with someone and having time to mastermind with everyone on my principles, marketing message and titles was extremely helpful. Jens energy is amazing!"
Rhonda Huber
"Incredible content in a mastermind format with all the extras to have a complete speaker package."
Carolyn Litton
"Jen created an incredible experience from the very beginning.   The content, format and group of  people she attracts are top caliber.   I enjoyed the entire weekend and I am inspired to put it all into action, keeping the momentum moving forward from everything we accomplished over the weekend!  "
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